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Newbie questions again...

Hi there, new questions arrived... (Reading through the docs helped a lot, but
many things are not clear yet)

1) Reading on disk/partition names (like the easy guide) state that "IDE hard
disks are numbered in order...". What happens if I had Primary/Master (hd0) and
Secondary/Master (hd1) and added Primary slave? Will this shift hd1 to hd2?
[Beides: it would be nice to sync the disk naming conventions int Hurd and

2) I was told previously that drivers are compiled into Mach and I can decrease
its size by recompiling. Great, but what happens if a) I try to wake up my ppa
Zip drive _after_ booting, c) insert a PCMCIA card [when support will be ready]
or c) [although not frequent, but very plausible for servers] insert new
hardware when the system is on? How can the HURD (Mach?) Handle this?

3) I feel that Linux compatibility is a major concern of the developers (true?),
but will they be able both to exploit the full power of the system _and_ remain

4) I also read that this is not a place for talking about things like EROS. But
after touching their introduction on security, I felt that the HURD have
built-in chance (with dynamicall adjustable and 32 bit uids) to prectially
circumvent the issues mentioned on an Access List System by generating new uids
for critical processes on both sides of a transaction, and destroying them after
they are finished. Is it possible?

[5) I also miss the possible "lstrans" command for all of the translators.
Should not they register themselves somewhere? Probably separated by users and
with listing controlled by permission...]

Thanks in advance, Zsombor

Zsombor Gergely
Junior Research Fellow					
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics	Phone: (36-1) 309-2659
P.O. Box 262, H-1112 Budapest, Hungary			Fax:   (36-1) 319-3136

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