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Re: Some questions

You are absolutely right. My wrong spelling confused the others. I meant lose,
not "loose". I thought that the protected area (for system) is hard-coded in the
processor. But it turns out from your message that you can make and handle (if
you can) several of them. This way it is "OK".

 About size. Understood. I downloaded both the gnumach (gnu? what about the
copyright notices of Carnegie Mellon?), and the hurd source. What I see is that
the mach does the hardware job without any "logical service", providing the hurd
with abstract devices. Right?

 Mach will be smaller if you make a really tiny microkernel... How will then
drivers handled? By a loader, like with Linux? And the monolithic (it is,
right?) Mach remains till then?

Cheers, Zsombor

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