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RE: Hurd installation problem.

> Ok, so why does telnetd require ncurses?  I'm not completely sure that
> telnetd is hanging for this reason, though.
I am. ;-)

If you look at the telnet source you can see that it makes use
of ncurses (or whatever the default console code is -- in hurd's case
on Debian it's ncurses).  It uses this code to control the screen

> How close is the 1015 tarball to the most recent collection 
> of .deb files?  
It is up to date with the 1004 series of Hurd base packages (Marcus,
please correct me if I am wrong).

> Is it necessary to install the .deb files at all, or can I 
> just untar the 1015 tarball and run with that?
No, yes.  The tarball contains the base system, and should have
everything you need to get a bare system.  You then need to install
the various *.deb files for non-critical stuff like a decent editor,
development tools, etc.  I am not sure (but suspect) that the tarball
contains an old set of telnet utilities.

> Unfortunately, before I release it for review, I need a disclaimer from
> my employer.  
Why is this?  Are you doing part of this work for your employer?  Or
do you have some sort of odious employment contract that prevents you
from writing outside of your office?


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