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Re: Easy Guide / new tarball

> After first starting ext2fs for /jtobey, I saw some console messages
> that scrolled off the screen too fast for me to read.  I was getting
>     ext2fs: /dev/hd0s5: warning: set_hyper(0,0) 1 => 0
>     ext2fs: /dev/hd0s5: warning: finished set_hyper(0,0) 1 => 0

Oops, sorry.  Those are some unrelated debugging messages I left in there.
Did you see any messages other than these ones?

> I was able to open another rsh/xterm and type

Whenever you get a chance like this, do `ps -AMlT' and mail in the output.

> whereupon the console gave your new assertion about EKERN_MEMORY_ERROR
> .  I could not read the sig, sigcode, etc. before they scrolled past.

D'oh!  That was what I wanted to see!  Which other messages were filling up
the screen?

In general, you will have a better chance to see the right messages if you
reduce and simplify the active processes depending on the filesystem that
is going to crash.  For example, use a couple of telnet/rlogins only, and
punt the xterms.  You are much less likely to incur extra attempts to use
the dying filesystem if you don't have random expose and focus events
waking up processes on your hurd.

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