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Re: Where's Grub?

On Thu, Apr 29, 1999 at 10:48:55AM -0400, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> "David Waite" <mass@ufl.edu> writes:
> > The main problem I have with beginning to negotiate with the hurd authors
> > and architects is that I cannot find any documentation on pfinet. Is there
> > any? It was left out of the hurd manual, and there is basically no
> > documentation inside the actual tars (probably #3 on my projects list, help
> > document everything)
> What kind of documentation are you looking for?  Code internals, or
> the RPC interfaces?

Kinda like a tutorial for debugging... I have MACH documents, which I am
slowly reading through. I actually understand now what the *defs file
purpose is :)

However, let's pick an important example, which is also the cause of the
delay of my feedback on your patch.

I tried to compile the hurd package on the Hurd. It worked great! After
four hours without crash or reboot, it compiled everything.

But "make install" doesn't work completely. It either hangs (RPC is blocked,
at leasts the saem symptoms), or even reboots automatically (didn't see the
error message). Most often this appeared after the "Entering directory libnetfs"
message. I know this bug report is not very helpful, and probably
inaccurate, but it's not my point to make a full bug report yet.

The question is, how do I proceed? I tried running make through gdb, which
did not show anything useful. I only can use gdb like this: set args, run,
wait for breakage, interrupt, "bt", which showed only a single line in
libc02, where it stuck. I can probably find more info by using a libc0.2
with development info. How do I use that instead of the normal libraries?

How can I proceed in localization of the bug? How do I found out which RPC
blocks, or in which routine I have to search?

More info: After interrupting, I can't start any more programs, although the
shell still works. If I understood correctly, that's a problem with the exec

If everything fails, I will make a dump of the file system and make it
available (or only the build tree), however, it would be a lot easier if I
could help you more directly, as I did with the rename() bug, for example.


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