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Re: Native PGP-signing now possible.

From: Allover Stripes <allover@hedgehog.globalserve.net>
Subject: Re: Native PGP-signing now possible.
Date: 14 Apr 1999 19:06:03 -0400

> It doesn't seem to be in the gnumach-1.1.92 (Wow, BTW).

  Yes, of course. ;-)

  I'm planning to support Linux character devices rather than support
only the random device because I believe that is much better, so the
support is now under development stage, and I think the support should
not be included in the stable releases yet. So, if you'd like to help
me, please get gnumach-char snapshots in my server. I will rename it
gnumach-1.2.9x when gnumach-1.2 is released. The reason why I named it
gnumach-char was that it might be strange to call it gnumach-1.2.9x,
though gnumach-1.2 was not released yet.

> Do you think it's a good approach to put the random driver in the
> kernel?  Should it be a userland translator?  If so, should it still
> gather information from the lowlevel drivers?

  I don't know the theory of randomness very well, so I can't answer
your question. However, I think kernel-level random device is useful
even if a userland translator for randomness exists, because it can
use the device as one of randomness sources.

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