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Re: some newbie questions

Harold Browne writes:

   The RMS view is that Linux is a kernel, but that in order to build a usable
   *system,* one must then add further libraries, utilities, daemons, and other
   programs, which, in his terms, make up "a GNU system."

   I would gripe a little at the implicit agenda, but certainly agree
   that whether it's termed a "Linux system" or a "GNU system," in
   order to be *useful* there needs to be a reasonably rich set of
   additional software added on.  (I want my Perl.  I want my Python.
   I want Ghostscript.  I want TeX, Emacs, X, EXMH, ...)

Actually it is a bit below that level of "add-ons". It should be "I
want my ls, I want my c compiler, I want my assembler, I want my diff,
.... The GNU code starts much earlier...

Cheers and merry X-mas

When critics disagree the artist is in accord with himself.
                                    --- Oscar Wilde

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