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some newbie questions


I was just reading you Debian GNU/HURD web page and I am really
confused about the term OS and kernel.

For sure, I know that "Linux" is a kernel and "Debian GNU/Linux" is an OS
that ported on the "Linux" kernel.

>>> But what about "HURD", is it an OS or is it a kernel like Linux?
The reason I ask the question because on the web page the webmaster 
refers to "HURD" as OS and a kernel. The webmaster says that "Debian Gnu/Hurd" 
is a porting project to an operating system kernel and core component, the 
"HURD". And then he continues to say that "Debian Gnu/Hurd"'s goal is to 
build application on top of the "HURD" OS.

>>> Also, what is the different between a kernel and a microkernel?

I am a newbie, so dumb it down for me when you 
answer these questions, thank, I appreciate it,

Tam, not on the mailing list
email: ttm22@dunx1.ocs.drexel.edu

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