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Re: some newbie questions


> At the time that Hurd was envisioned, Mach was expected to be ported *everywhere,*
> and it was expected that it would be made extremely efficient, and there would be
> a substantial population of grad students familiar with it.  Unfortunately
> (arguably), the IBM Workplace OS project failed, and Mach development efforts
> became something of a "hot potato" that finally was laid to rest at University of
> Utah.  They now really care about FluxOS (which, encouragingly, just recently had
> a new release), and it is likely only Hurd development that is both modern and
> dependent on Mach.
What about the NextStep/MacOS thing (MacOS X?)? Isn't it supposed to be based
on some version of Mach? Isn't BeOS also based on a multiserver/microkernel?
Are these projects not Mach or not modern?

> There have been thoughts of moving Hurd to use L4 or its successor (whose name
> escapes me).  It seems more sensible to actually get Hurd working and useful
> first.
What are L4 and its successor (whose name escaped you :)? What do they add?
Where are their home pages?

Excellent thread, by the way.

Robert de Forest
(a lurker no longer)

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