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Re: libc6_2.0.106-0.1_i386.deb is released

> However, better break things early. When can we expect the transition of io
> library? The sooner the better.

This doesn't buy us much by itself, so we had not planned to make it an
immediate priority.  I expect to have a quasi-usable debian-hurd
distribution before we get around to it.  (Switching to libio requires a
soname change, and when it will really buy us something is when we
implement pthreads, which will also require a soname change.  Pthreads is
not likely to happen real soon, so if libio happened first there would be
two soname changes by the end of it.)

On the other hand, it's probably not all that much work if someone wants to
volunteer to do it.  The first step is to port libio to the hurd; this can
probably be done trivially, i.e. just compile libio as it is and it will
use the POSIX.1 open/read/write/lseek functions.  Currently, the hurd's
sysd-stdio.c is set up to do something more efficient using the hurd_fd
data structures directly; that would be good to do in libio, but it's not
essential.  That should be enough get purely Unixy stuff going with a
libio-based libc.  Then convert the stdio-magic stuff in libc:
mach/devstream.c, hurd/vpprintf.c, hurd/fopenport.c.

Finally, the exec server uses stdio magic that will need to be converted to
equivalent libio magic.  This is probably the hairiest thing that needs to
be done (in exec/exec.c).

For someone familiar with libio (I'm not very), this can all probably be
done pretty quickly.

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