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Re: libc6_2.0.106-0.1_i386.deb is released

On Thu, 17 Dec 1998, Mark Kettenis wrote:

> Keep in mind that it is very likely that somewhere in the future we
> will have to bump the libc soname for the Hurd, because the idea is to
> switch from GNU stdio to libio (which is used for Linux).  If the name
> is used for dpendencies, I think both glibc2 and libc6 are a bad
> choice for the Hurd.  The current soname is libc.so.0.2 which suggest
> that you should use something like libc0_2.

Does this mean that some day there will be some move like the
libc5 -> libc6 in Linux and that we will have to recompile everything?

[ I would agree that "libc0.2" is the best name, then ].

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