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Installing gnumach (installation guide part 2)

The package is in incoming and will be installed in five hours in the
archive. Mirrors will fetch it then.

Part 2: Gnu Mach

Now I compiled and installed the kernel. You can use the Debian binary
package (current version at time of writing: 19981118-1, this contains the
Linux 2.0.36 hardware drivers).

This is very easy. Because gnumach package contains no scripts like preinst
or postinst, this package can be installed by original dpkg this way:

o   dpkg --root=/gnu --force-architecture -i /path/to/gnumach_19981118-1_hurd-i386.deb

Alternatively, you can use the above approach, but don't forget to edit the
status file in this case.

FOR DEVELOPERS: Does installing a kernel requires packaging scripts? Maybe.
We can offer updating GRUB if necessary or similar.


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