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Re: debian hurd -- a little help?

On Thu, Dec 03, 1998 at 06:47:13PM -0600, Gordon Matzigkeit wrote:
> Hi!
> >>>>> Marcus Brinkmann writes:
>  >> I am hoping that a single source package for glibc can be used to
>  >> build for either linux or hurd.  Is this possible?
>  MB> Sure, but this is not as easy as it may sound. The current libc6
>  MB> maintainer is overworked, and someone has to change the Debian
>  MB> building scripts and remove linux specific things like
>  MB> architecture.
> I've already made several of these changes, which have already been
> merged into unstable/main/source/glibc-pre2.1_2.0.100-2.1.diff.gz.
> You can cross-compile that package by doing:
> debian/rules build arch=hurd-i386
> I never finished the job, unfortunately, so the binary-arch rules are
> probably wrong for the Hurd, but it should at least give you a
> starting point.

Cool. I will investigate that. If we can use it, that would be certainly
>  MB> So it will be faster to use "our" version of glibc for now. Other
>  MB> ports are building from 2.1 pre versions, this has to be
>  MB> investigated, too.
> BTW, Marcus... your earlier concern about Linux using a different
> dynamic linker than the Hurd has been resolved.  As of the
> glibc-pre2.1 Debian packages, even the i386 uses the ld.so that is
> installed by glibc (since it now has all the functionality of the
> older ones).

!!! Great news.
> I don't think it would be too hard to transition to glibc-2.1, and it
> would definitely bring everybody back into sync.

Well, i386 is still using 2.0.7. But it is as close as we can be.
> Anyway, that's just my opinion, considering that I probably won't be
> working on Hurd stuff except on weekends.

Oh, that's sad. I hope your weekends are long and rich in numbers! :)

Sorry that I reply so late, I was offline quite a long time (unusual for
me), and it was unplaned (and unlooked for). I'm back now.

Thank you,

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