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Re: GNU libc snapshots work again on the Hurd

> I used simple /libexec/rc
> #!/bin/sh
> only.
>  Because,most of binaries linked against glibc-2.0 caught Segmentation
> Fault. and fsck can't finish.( I manualy suspend it. )

I see.  Please try the latest glibc code, after Mark Kettenis's change of
1998-12-04.  It should be binary compatible again; please let us know if
you have any problem running old binaries.

> 		* missing include/rpc  -> manualy copy from glibc-2.0.105/include/rpc/* & glibc-2.0.105/sunrpc/rpc/*

You mean `make install' failed to install these?  I think that might be
normal for the cross-compilation case.

> 		* gnu/stubs.h ... copy from old distribution. (???)

That should have been produced by the libc build and install process.
Please report the problem to libc-hacker if it was not.

> 	hurd-19981204:
> 		CC=i586--gnu-gcc ../configure --prefix=/i586--gnu --disable-profile --build=i686--linux-gnu --host=i586--gnu --target=i586--gnu
> 	----------------------------------
> 	My default configure line is CC=i586--gnu-gcc ../configure --prefix=/i586--gnu  --build=i586--freebsd --host=i586--gnu --target=i586--gnu
> 	----------------------------------

What you want to do is --prefix= (empty) and then when you install
you can do `make install prefix=/i586--gnu'.  That way the file names
that get built into the programs are correct.

> 	flex-2.5.4a --prefix=/local
> 	bison-1.25 --prefix=/local
> 	m4-1.4 --prefix=/local

Why /local?

> 	diffutils-2.7
> 		* skip configure 'closedir'
> 	findutils-4.1 
> 		* skip configure 'closedir'

These are checks that don't work for cross-compiling.  What I do for these
is configure everything with a common config.cache file, and then prime the
cache by hand for these few--with the shared cache, you should only have to
hack it once for each check, and then that will apply to all the packages
that use the same check.

For all the cases where you needed some hack to build ok, please report
these problems to the maintainers of each package.

> 	* Don't forget (cd /lib;ln -s ld.so.1 ld.so).If don't,stop at diskfs_start_bootstrap() during bootstraping.

Yes!  I just bit myself with this one last night.

> 	* Binaries are compiled with option --prefix=/i586--gnu. so don't remove symbolic link `/i586--gnu -> ..'

This is not the right way to cross-build.  They should be built with
--prefix= and only installed with prefix=/whatever.

> ------------------------------
> Native compiled binaries.
> ------------------------------
> 	egcs-1.1.1 (recompiled again) --prefix=/local
> 	make-3.77 --prefix=/local
> 	autoconf-2.12 --prefix=/local
> 	mig-1.0.1 --prefix=/local
> 	inetutils-1.3.2 --prefix=
> 	gzip-1.4.2 --prefix=
> 	emacs-20.3 --prefix=/local
> 		* src/s/gnu.h: #undef NLIST_STRUCT
> 	gnumach-withnewlinuxdev-19981202
> 	texinfo-3.12 --prefix=/local

What is the reason you did not use --prefix= for all of these?


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