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Re: trying to cross-compile

On Fri, 4 Dec 1998, M.C. Vernon wrote:

> > The Debian apache source seems not to be Hurd-friendly yet, so it may need
> > some tweaking. [ In fact, dpkg itself is not Hurd-friendly ].
> > 
> > Take a look at the debian/rules, it says:
> > 
> > arch=$(shell dpkg --print-architecture)
> > 
> > This is i386 for intel, but should be really "hurd-i386".
> I changed this to
> arch="hurd-i386"
> or should this line say arch=hurd-i386 ?

debian/rules is a Makefile, so it should be without the quotes.
(sorry for not having been clear :-)

> > In this case just append "i386-gnu" to the configure line.
> ? duh sorry I'm being thick....in debian/rules, or somewhere else?

Yes, in debian/rules. debian/rules has several targets. One of them is the
build target, in which the package is configured and built (but not
installed anywhere).

The apache package comes with a configure script (almost sure generated 
by autoconf), so the debian/rules file has a line like this in the build

	./configure blah-blah-lot-of-options

If configure does not automatically guess that you want to compile
for GNU/Hurd, just put "i386-gnu" (without the quotes) as an additional
argument to the configure line as the architecture-specification string.
This way configure will know that we want to compile for GNU/Hurd.

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