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Recommended change for ghhk INSTALL

I was about the give up and go to bed (after my second
afternoon & evening trying to get the Hurd up and running) when I
finally got my HURD to boot!

I recommend that you add the explicit commands to step 6 as follows:

> 6) Try booting from the floppy again, this time specifying your Hurd
> partition as the Mach root partition.  The Hurd will start and you
> should get a shell prompt.  If you don't, then diagnose the problem,
> and try again.

command> kernel=/boot/gnumach.gz root=hd0s0
command> module=/boot/serverboot.gz
command> boot

Maybe a little bit more verbage would be helpful.

I spent several hours conviced that the "root=" COMMAND in grub was
what I needed to change the root partition.  A detailed examination of
the grub manual convince me otherwise.  I then got derailed trying to
supply the "correct answer" to the "Server boot script? [%s] "
question from bootstrap.c... I made this entire little sidetrip into
the source code from the observation that gnumach.gz defaults to a
root name of "/dev/hda0"--which doesn't seem to fit anybody's idea of
a disk naming convention... Sigh.

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