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open-source operating systems

Sorry to be somewhat off-topic, but I have a Friday-afternoon sort of
question which Hurd people can probably help me answer: what
open-source operating systems exist today?

By "operating system" I mean something that provides at the very least
preemptive multitasking, and by "exist" I mean either fully functional
or working to a reasonable extent and being actively developed.

I know about Linux, Hurd, VSTa and several BSD derivatives. If you know
of any others, e-mail me. Please don't reply to the list as your reply
would be even more off topic than this question and I would be
embarassed by any annoyance indirectly caused by my original enquiry,
but I will post a summary.

http://www.cs.arizona.edu/people/bridges/os/free.html has an
interesting little list, but some of the links are broken, and most of
the items listed are vapourware, I think.


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