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Re: building a native compiler

Just a brief followup on my last note:

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, I wrote:


>In any case, I can't seem to get binutils-2.9.1 to compile using my
>compiler. It bails while building gprof, at this point:


>Has anyone been through this before?

I did manage to get binutils compiled & installed, minus gprof. Does
anyone know why it would bail on this package? If it's a binutils bug, who
should i contact to make them aware of the problem?

>I've also been having troubles trying to build make 3.77 (make and
>binutils are the only prerequisites for bootstrapping gcc/egcs, right?) --
>configure doesn't even complete on make, because it tries to run the
>"test" program which was of course compiled for hurd and therefore won't
>execute on my gnu/linux machine. Similarly frustrating is the fact that
>the build.sh alternative which is mentioned in the documentation was not
>present. Perhaps this is a bug with make; i'm not sure.

I misinterpreted the function of the "test" program; in any case, I don't
think it should be run on a cross-compile (at least, that's the error it
terminates with). And yeah, build.sh is of course produced by configure,
which never completed... so that explains that too.

It must be my day for stupid mistakes.

In any case, has anyone got make to build? Is there perhaps a binary for
hurd out there somewhere?


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