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Re: Need help (building ncurses-4.2)

--On Tue, Nov 3, 1998 12:38 pm -0500 "Roland McGrath" <roland@frob.com>

> It would be simple to add the feature to the Hurd, but we will not do so
> unless we are convinced of its utility.
>> So: Is setfsuig a "Linuxism"? Is there a replacement?
> Yes, it is a Linux invention.

I can't tell you why ncurses uses them, but I can give you an example:

Nfsd uses them because it needs to write files as a particular non-root
user, for security reasons.  However, if it calls setuid, it exposes itself
to signals from that user - which is bad.  So it calls setfsuid to make its
file-system access limited without having to expose itself to a signal

I don't know the details of the signal attack - presumably someone devised a
race condition..


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