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Re: Need help (building ncurses-4.2)

> Yesterday night I tried it again and realized I was linking with
> Linux's libc6 when creating the shared library (I think this counts as
> being "funny").

That is definitely bad juju.

> Once I fixed that, it "almost worked": Now I have a portability problem.
> The Debian version uses setfsuig and setfsgid, to solve a security
> problem, I think.

Can you ascertain what the actual purpose here is?  i.e. how are these
calls used and what is the supposed problem being solved by using these

> Since these functions seems to be missing in the Hurd (will they be
> always missing?), I will have to replace them by something else or just
> remove those patches for the GNU/Hurd version of ncurses.

It would be simple to add the feature to the Hurd, but we will not do so
unless we are convinced of its utility.

> So: Is setfsuig a "Linuxism"? Is there a replacement?

Yes, it is a Linux invention.

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