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Re: What will the HURD boot loader be?

   From: "Fredrick Paul Eisele" <feisele@ameritech.net>
   Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 08:18:27 -0400

   Will the HURD boot loader be LILO or GRUB or something else?
   I am looking for a package to maintain that is particularly 
   needed by the HURD.  The only such list I am aware of does
   not indicate relevance to the different platforms.

The HURD boot loader is GRUB.

The HURD runs on top of the GNUmach kernel, which uses the Multiboot
standard.  AFAIK the only free Miltiboot compliant boot loader is
GRUB, but it should be possible to use other boot loaders that know
about Multiboot.

Note that GRUB can also load other OSes, amongst them the various
Linux images.  So GRUB may also be relevant to Linux users.  In fact I
use only GRUB on my system and use it for Linux, the HURD and some
other experimental things.


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