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Questions arrising from Install

Well I installed the hurd last night. It was actually very straight
forward, except for one part. Now I don't know if everyone will have
the same problem as me, but I know someone will so I thought I'd ask
the question then answer it.

Q/	How to I make GRUB boot from the floppy but run from the

A/	The GRUB needs four arguments to start the HURD. It's best to
enter these interactively using the c, command line option at
first. When you are sure you know the right arguments, edit the
/boot/grub/menu.lst file to automate this.

	This is the root file system for the files GRUB is looking
for. Since we are booting off the floppy, we use the GRUB disk name of 
(fd0). Note the brackets are important. Please note this is different
from the root argument on the following line.

kernel= /boot/gnumach.gz root=sd0s4 
	The mach kernel takes arguments much as the linux kernel
does. It lives on the device specified above, but we want it to use a
root partion on the hard disk after it starts. root=sd0s4 tells it to
use the fourth partion on the first scsi disk. This is a Mach disk
name as it is a argument passed to the mach kernel. Your root may be
different, for example it could be root=hd0s2 for the second partion
on the first IDE drive.

module= /boot/serverboot.gz
	This file is on the floppy disk. And is loaded by the GRUB.
	This command starts the boot process.

I'm not sure where this should go. There didn't seem to be an
appropriate section in either the HURD or Debian/HURD faqs. I could be 
included in the install for the GHHK. I'm happy for it to be included
anywhere. I think it's inclusion would have made the HURD install
quite simple for me.

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