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Re: Qt 6 on X32 and HPPA ports: upstream requiring proof of usage

El jueves, 2 de febrero de 2023 16:58:04 -03 Thorsten Glaser escribió:
> Lisandro Dami�n Nicanor P�rez Meyer dixit:
> >What is the current status of Qt 6 in your ports? Can you supply an image
> >of Qt 6 working on them?
> (Note I haven’t been a porter for x32 for a while though I may
> still jump in occasionally.)
> I wasn’t even aware that Qt6 in Debian is a thing, given your
> mail from a year or two ago writing that you have no intent to
> package it, let alone that anything is using it. I do see that
> qjackctl is apparently using it… colour me surprised. I mostly
> switched from sid to bullseye though to avoid UsrMove.

The main Qt maintainer is Patrick Franz, I'm just taking care of backports and 
some stuff here and there, sometimes as liason between upstream and Debian.

> I’d love to provide a working image of it but qt6-base does not
> build on x32 because it attempts to use amd64-specific inline
> assembly code and (rightfully) this fails. Apparently it hasn’t
> been ported to x32 yet.
> I *have* successfully used Qt5 on x32 for a long time, e.g.
> with musescore{2,3}, if that helps.

Thanks for the feedback!

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