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Re: Qt 6 on X32 and HPPA ports: upstream requiring proof of usage

Lisandro Dami�Nicanor P�z Meyer dixit:

>> I assume this is about money (Commercial contract support).
>No, in fact the qtcore maintainer, the one asking for images, does not even
>works for TQtC.

Hmh. Thiago is big money, too, though, from what I could see
on the mailing list…

>What is the current status of Qt 6 in your ports? Can you supply an image of
>Qt 6 working on them?

(Note I haven’t been a porter for x32 for a while though I may
still jump in occasionally.)

I wasn’t even aware that Qt6 in Debian is a thing, given your
mail from a year or two ago writing that you have no intent to
package it, let alone that anything is using it. I do see that
qjackctl is apparently using it… colour me surprised. I mostly
switched from sid to bullseye though to avoid UsrMove.

I’d love to provide a working image of it but qt6-base does not
build on x32 because it attempts to use amd64-specific inline
assembly code and (rightfully) this fails. Apparently it hasn’t
been ported to x32 yet.

I *have* successfully used Qt5 on x32 for a long time, e.g.
with musescore{2,3}, if that helps.

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