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Re: Success with Debian, failure with Gentoo

Hi Saulo!

On 4/1/21 10:52 PM, Saulo Paiva wrote:
> Netinstall goes well on Debian. The auto-partitioner is dumb so I had to
> redo it and separate /boot.

What problems did you have with the automatic partioning? If there is any
bug, it should be reported and fixed.

> Another problem is that the installer doesn't contain the firmware for the
> FireGL (radeon) so when I boot, if I have the keyboard connected, I get a
> kernel dump. I was hoping at least for unaccelerated frame buffer.

This is a known issue that is still on my TODO list for fixing. It's not trivial
as the firmware packages are part of the "non-free" archive which is not yet
part of Debian Ports.

> I was not successful with gentoo. The net installer is completely broken.
> Using Debian as a starting point, I got far but then got stuck in the
> dependency hell
> dev-lang/python-3.8.8 and dev-db/sqlite-3.34.1.
> No matter what I did, I couldn't fix this.

For Gentoo, you would have to ask the Gentoo mailing lists or on IRC as most
people here probably have little to no experience with Gentoo.


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