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Success with Debian, failure with Gentoo

Dear everyone,

A new fresh adventurer in the land of hppa on a C8000.

Netinstall goes well on Debian. The auto-partitioner is dumb so I had to redo it and separate /boot.
Another problem is that the installer doesn't contain the firmware for the FireGL (radeon) so when I boot, if I have the keyboard connected, I get a kernel dump. I was hoping at least for unaccelerated frame buffer.

I was not successful with gentoo. The net installer is completely broken.
Using Debian as a starting point, I got far but then got stuck in the dependency hell

dev-lang/python-3.8.8 and dev-db/sqlite-3.34.1.
No matter what I did, I couldn't fix this.

Nice to meet you all, and stay healthy.

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