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Re: Some hardware to give away

This was fast! The m68k and hppa stuff is already grabbed.


> Accessories:
> • assorted PC keyboards and mice
> • assorted monitors

> Sun:
> • Sun Ultra5
> x86(?):
> • 2x Targa PC Series II (some Pentium-based towers)

Not much info about these. The picture of the tower on
is pretty accurate, but apparently, they put anything
between Pentium MMX 233 MHz and Athlon XP 1800+ into them.
I didn’t have time to look into them when I was in Lippstadt.

16:47⎜«mika:#grml» .oO(mira ist einfach gut....)      23:22⎜«mikap:#grml»
mirabilos: und dein bootloader ist geil :)    23:29⎜«mikap:#grml» und ich
finds saugeil dass ich ein bsd zum booten mit grml hab, das muss ich dann
gleich mal auf usb-stick installieren   -- Michael Prokop über MirOS bsd4grml

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