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Some hardware to give away

Hi everyone,

a good friend of mine left behind a couple of old hardware
which is currently located in a basement in Lippstadt, Germany;
it’s scheduled for being dumped into the trash soon (we’re
talking about $smallnum weeks) but it was offered to me.

I don’t currently need this, but here’s a list, in case someone
decides to rescue them. Feel free to share this around, I don’t
know where else to write but chances are someone interested is
on these lists ☻

I’ve only listed hardware that passed a first optical inspection;
we don’t know whether they have defects, but assume they will work.

• assorted PC keyboards and mice
• assorted Macintosh keyboards and mice
• assorted monitors

• Macintosh IIvx
• 2x Macintosh LC II
• Performa 450
• Performa 630
• PowerMac G2
• PowerMac G3
• not sure if it’s not just a monitor, but could be an iMac G4

• HP 712/60

• Sun Ultra5

• 2x Targa PC Series II (some Pentium-based towers)

Sorry, no Sun keyboard, I took that for my SPARCstation 20.

There’s also a damaged Macintosh of the “monitor with built-in
computer” form factor, where the front panel has been taken off,
and other stuff, I don’t know.

Please respond quickly; if you can’t fetch the hardware and we can’t
manage shipping then I can at least request they put it aside or
cache it in my basement temporarily.

bye and fup2p please,
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