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Re: Rp3440 && kernel && Buster && ispconfig && buildd info.

Hi Mike,

On 7/11/19 09:59, Mike Hosken wrote:
Thanks for the help Dave, the machine states that it’s a rp3440 but does require a license to activate the other cpus. According to wurth who I brought it off, it once had a license for all four cores, they can’t help as they lost everything for it paperwork wise. Was brought in 2008 run for 3 months then deactivated and not powered up till 11 years later.

Have you already checked the info strap (located directly right of the
drives, there's an info icon nearby) for any license stickers? I'm
unsure if such a license could be placed there, but it could be worth to
check. I currently can't check on my two rp3440s, as the one that is in
reach currently (with two processors) has that strap removed by the
previous owner and the other one (with one processor) is in storage.

UPDATE: Found this howto from HP ([1], sadly only available from the
Google cache) which only in the title speaks of both rp3410 and rp3440.
Hence I'm wondering, if the rp3440s maybe are not pre-limited in this
regard, even if they ship with one processor only. And for the rp3410 it
looks like the upgrade actually only activates the second core (although
HP speaks of processor) of the one singular processor installed not a
second processor. So could it just be that all other cores are
deconfigured on your machine maybe?


In "Configuration Menu" of BCH:
> he cpu


     CPUCONFIG in the configuration menu displays configuration data
     on the processors present in the system or schedules them for
     configuration or deconfiguration on the next hard boot.

     CPUconfig                  Display config/deconfig status of
                                all processors in system
     CPUconfig <proc>           Display config/deconfig status of
                                processor number <proc>
     CPUconfig <proc> ON        Configure or Reconfigure processor
                                number <proc>
     CPUconfig <proc> OFF       Deconfigure processor number <proc>

               <proc> [0|1|2|3] Processor number

     NOTE: Cannot deconfigure the processor in a uniprocessor system
           or a system in which there is one remaining configured
           processor.  Configuration changes will not take effect until
           the next time the system is hard booted.

     Short Command for CPUconfig:     CPU

OTOH the key seems to be derived from the serial number, so HP(E) could
still have the license number linked to your serial number in a customer
database maybe. Not sure where to check that, though. :-/

Question time.

If all is lost then that is what it is, was going to setup as a buildd server so glad it will be able to at least do that. Question what would the best kernel and parameters to run on a single core machine to give better performance. Currently running buster distro  kernel version 4.19.0-5-parisc64-smp

Maybe best wait for 4.20 or newer as per [2] (Jan 2019).

[2]: https://parisc.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Main_Page#PA-RISC_NEWS

I am looking at another rp3440 which Ive seen the cpu info and it runs all four, is a firmware clone a possibility?

When the extra ram arrives and some 300gig drives I’ll put the rp3440 in a colo as a buildd instance. What are the ideal specs and is the /srv directory the main building area.

Would bad ram cause a kernel panic on 4.19-05 but not on an early stretch kernel??

Don't know, but if you suspect a bad memory module, you should try all
modules intermixed in the minimum configuration - I think four modules
in 0a, 0b, 1a and 1b for a rp3440 (see page 72 in [3]) - and check if
4.19.0-5 still panics then.

[3]: http://h20628.www2.hp.com/km-ext/kmcsdirect/emr_na-c01404120-3.pdf

Say, does your other rp3440 have the same problem? And does it happen
during OS boot or afterwards?

For the record: my second rp3440 shows no issue with 4.19.0-5 neither
when booted from network nor when booted from disk. So seems likely that
this is not a general problem with rp3440s but with your specific
machine or hardware/software configuration.

Other thought: Since a while the initramfs size grew heavily - e.g. from
4.2M when 4.18.0-2 was current to 9.6M when 4.19.0-4 was current for a
stripped down config only using a few modules for network booting and to
23M for a "standard" initramfs for booting from disk. Is there a chance
that there are limits for the size of a initramfs in earlier palo
versions, assuming you might be using an older version of palo (I'm
using palo 2.00)?

Maybe a log of the kernel panic could allow for a better analysis of the


A quick update on buster I’m sorting out the net installation cds and should be ready tomorrow.  The CD and DVDs work as expected.

I’m currently working on getting ispconfig working on hppa servers which is an excellent fit for our architecture since they run forever.

Mike Hosken

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On 11/07/2019, at 03:48, John David Anglin <dave.anglin@bell.net> wrote:

On 2019-07-10 10:46 a.m., Mike Hosken wrote:
Does anyone know how to either get a license or a bi-pass hack to activate the second cpu currently disabled by firmware

Cat cpuinfo only shows cpu 0
If the machine actually is a rp3440, the other cpus can be enabled in the service menu.  Otherwise, it's a rp3410
and you need to pay HP for license for additional cpus.  The panama buildd is in this situation and we didn't find
a place to get the upgrade.


John David Anglin  dave.anglin@bell.net

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