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Re: C3600 kernel/64bit 4.* slow IO due to -mlong-calls

On 2018-03-16 1:58 PM, Matt Turner wrote:
On Fri, Mar 16, 2018 at 10:44 AM, John David Anglin
<dave.anglin@bell.net> wrote:
On 2018-03-16 1:29 PM, Matt Turner wrote:
This week I succeeded in building a stripped-down kernel without
mlong-calls (in Gentoo), but was unable to get anything to link
without mlong-calls when CONFIG_PARISC_PAGE_SIZE_16KB=y.

I wouldn't recommend the above option.  It affects alignment of some things
in kernel
and as you found it makes the kernel bigger.  There are also some things in
that assume 4KB pages.
I expect we're past the point where there are any significant
obstacles to userspace support. Most platforms successfully support
multiple page sizes these days.

But they don't have the problem we do with non equivalent aliasing. The data section starts on a
page boundary on parisc and it doesn't overlap text.


John David Anglin  dave.anglin@bell.net

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