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Re: autoconf stalls while checking "atomic builtins for 64 bit data types"

On 2017-09-27 4:28 PM, Christoph Biedl wrote:
Possibly, installing the current Debian kernel from
unstable would resolve the problem.
No avail. Using the linux-image-4.12.0-2-parisc package, the behaviour
is quite the same. There is however not even a CONFIG_64BIT option in
/boot/config-4.12.0-2-parisc. In vanilla kernel, this option becomes
visible only once the "Processor Type" is changed away from the value
"PA7000/PA7100" (CONFIG_PA700) Debian uses, to "PA8000 and up"
(CONFIG_PA8X00) - a setting that worked fine for me in the past years.
The only config parameter that affects the behavior of the atomic operations is CONFIG_64BIT. The 32-bit implementation uses floating point loads and stores to atomically access double words in memory.  The 64-bit implementation uses integer loads and stores.  The buildd machines all
uses 64-bit kernels.

linux-image-4.12.0-2-parisc is a 32-bit kernel.  64-bit kernels are named like linux-image*parisc64.

You need to select CONFIG_PA8X00 and CONFIG_64BIT to get a 64-bit kernel.  The old "PA7000/PA7100" machines are 32-bit only.  Certain PA8000 machines only support 64-bit
kernels due to their firmware.  The c3600 firmware supports both.


John David Anglin  dave.anglin@bell.net

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