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Re: HP RP8440 Server - Superdome

Hi Mike,

On 14.03.2016 19:42, Mike Hosken wrote:
> Hi I have just acquired a HP RP8440 Server with the following specs-
> 9 x HP PA-8900 @ 1.067 dual core CPU,
> 24 x HP 4GB SuperDome Memory Modules,
> 4 x 146GB 15000rpm Wide Ultra320 SCSI HDDs,
> 48 X hp 0950-4741 Voltage Regulator Module (VRM),
> 3 x HP A9837-60303 HP PCA - Common PDH Daughter card (RoHS),
> 6 x HP AD193-8001 PCI-X 2-Port 4GB FC & 2-Port 1000BT adapter,
> 3x HP AB290-80001 PCI-X 2-Port U320 SCSI Adapter,
> 2x HP AB314-0002A Core I/O Board,
> 2x HP 0950-4637 Power Module 48VDC,
> HP StorageWorks Dat72,
> 3x HP 0957-2183 PSUs

nice :-)

> My question is will Debian HPPA Linux support this hardware or should I keep to the HP-UX.

Actually, I don't know.
Processors, Memory and probably SCSI should work with current kernels.
But I have no clue about the glue/logic chips in there.

In the wiki (https://parisc.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Hardware_support) we just have this sentence:
Support for Superdome will someday follow but requires some additional VM work which is in progress.
But I don't know which kind of "VM work" is necessary...

Couldn't you just try at least once the boot image as described here:
and then send us the logs. I think this can give some insights.


> I’m planning on using this server for web hosting, Email and MYSQL etc,  replacing my A400 and A180c
> Any advise would be appreciated  
> Thanks
> Mike

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