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Re: Bug#800729: dpkg-architecture: Please add support for hppa64


On Sat, 2016-02-06 at 21:45:44 +0100, Helge Deller wrote:
> >> I don't intend to do a new port, however the hppa kernel requires a
> >> hppa64 compiler.
> >> 
> >> $ dpkg-architecture -ahppa64
> >> dpkg-architecture: error: unknown Debian architecture hppa64, you must
> >> specify GNU system type, too
> >> 
> >> please could you add support to make this work? it will simplify the
> >> packaging of the toolchain.
> > To the hppa porters, is there prospects of such a port?
> Most likely not in the near future.

Oh, ok.

> > Is the ABI of such port stable (I'd assume yes)?
> There is no glibc support yet, but kernel interface is known.
> And of course calling syntax would be like HP-UX. 

Hmmm, ok, to me that means I cannot accept the architecture in dpkg,
as the triplet would kind of lie, as it's supposed to include the glibc
part as well. If the toolchain is used to build stuff like 64-bit
kernels, boot loaders and similar, then I'd say the correct thing to
do anyway would be to use a standalone compiler.

I'm thus inclined to close this bug for now, as long as there's no
glibc support yet.

> > I'm also assuming the port would be big endian too?
> Yes.
> > And the GNU triplet is hppa64-linux-gnu?
> Yes.

Thanks, for the information!


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