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Re: Bug#800729: dpkg-architecture: Please add support for hppa64

>> I don't intend to do a new port, however the hppa kernel requires a
>> hppa64 compiler.
>> $ dpkg-architecture -ahppa64
>> dpkg-architecture: error: unknown Debian architecture hppa64, you must
>> specify GNU system type, too
>> please could you add support to make this work? it will simplify the
>> packaging of the toolchain.

> To the hppa porters, is there prospects of such a port?

Most likely not in the near future.
> Is the ABI of such port stable (I'd assume yes)?

There is no glibc support yet, but kernel interface is known.
And of course calling syntax would be like HP-UX. 

> I'm also assuming the port would be big endian too?


> And the GNU triplet is hppa64-linux-gnu?



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