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Re: State of the PA-RISC/HPPA port (August 2013)

On 4-Aug-13, at 12:21 PM, Grant Grundler wrote:

Right. Linux doesn't have a registry for /dev/sdX names and I don't
think it ever will. Using root=UUID=xxx or root=LABEL=foo is plug and
play friendly.

Thanks, I'll give this a try.

I believe LABEL comes from the partition table and UUID from the file
system. But double check that.

It's my understanding that there's a UUID in the partition table and also one for each filesystem. I cloned a hard drive yesterday and had to reset its UUIDs in order to mount the partitions on same machine. This was trivial for the ext2 boot partition but a little less so for the xfs partitions. The journal had to be cleared to change the UUID. There were scary warnings about loosing data, etc.

I can say xfs works on parisc even for root. I was going to also try btrfs but it seemed
somewhat more experimental.

John David Anglin	dave.anglin@bell.net

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