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Re: Error: attempt to move .org backwards (was Lenny/Sid upgrade)

Helge Deller <deller <at> gmx.de> writes:

> > 
> > include/asm-generic/bitops/__fls.h:38:2: warning: left shift count
> >  >= width of type [enabled by default]
> > {standard input}: Assembler messages:
> > {standard input}:748: Error: attempt to move .org backwards
> > at many places. Downgrading of the binutils didn't help. Any idea?
> Sorry, no idea at this moment. I don't see such problems.
> Helge

Thank you for the fast reply! (and sorry for the noising) It was my fault:
the 64-bit kernel was tried to be built by the 32-bit toolchain.

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