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Re: install/update/upgrade dance

Hi Geoff,

On 05/11/2013 05:15 AM, Geoff wrote:
> I have reached the point where I want to download, build and install a new kernel from "unstable" prior to doing a full upgrade. At this point the process is breaking down on a circle of dependencies involving locales, libc6 and dpkg-dev. /etc/apt/sources.list has been amended as recommended.
> Any advice that you can give will be appreciated.

I would not go with a precompiled kernel from debian (yet).
Instead, the only *really stable* kernel which I can recommend is a 3.9 based kernel with additional 2 patches.
See my newly created section "A stable kernel for a PARISC machine" at:
If you like, you may try my precompiled 3.9 kernel as described in the Wiki.


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