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Re: Architecture removal and social contract

> That prompts the question of why is this an unofficial commodity, but
> I suppose this is another debate.
> Thanks for taking the time to answer my email,
> T-Bone
> PS: I'm fully aware that I seem to be the only one (save for another
> post from a user on d-hppa which remained unanswered) to care enough
> about this matter to blow some whistles, so maybe indeed nobody is
> using debian-hppa anymore and you can just ignore the fuss I'm making,
> save for the fact that unless some of the points I'm making are
> addressed, the situation might arise again in the future...

I am using several Debian HPPA systems, and very pleased with the
stability of this platform.
And I am planing to install MORE of them.

I was hopping for the Debian 6.0 PA-RISC release...

So, the removal of the HPPA Debian port is a very, very bad new !

Since I am only an user and system manager, not a developer, what
can I do to help ?


> -- 
> Thibaut VARENE
> http://www.parisc-linux.org/~varenet/

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