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Re: alpha and hppa removal from unstable/experimental

On Sat, 2 Apr 2011 07:55:49 am Mark Hymers wrote:
> Hi,
> As mentioned in the recent ftp-team meeting minutes, we're planning to
> remove alpha and hppa from unstable.  They were removed from testing
> before the squeeze release and there's no sign that they will be release
> architectures for wheezy.  As such, we're planning to remove them from
> unstable and experimental in the next few days.  buildd support for
> unstable and experimental will also be ended at that time, but will
> obviously continue for lenny updates / security builds.
> Before we remove the architectures, archives will be taken for anyone
> who wants to take a copy of the dump to use elsewhere.  These dumps will
> be made available on request.
> Thanks,
> Mark

Hi All,

I honestly do not understand what is going on here. Could somebody please 
explain at a "user" level the reasons for what is happening? I am not a 
coder/developer I am just the very satisfied user of 2 hppa boxes (C3700 & 
RP5470). I have found both boxes to be effective and reliable. The Debian 
installation process for both was _very_ easy (the RP5470 is headless!). The 
Debian update infrastructure supporting them has also been effective and 
reliable. I would like to continue using both boxes for as long as the 
hardware lets me (many years) but I am a little worried about where Debian is 
going with this.

Cheers, Geoff.

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