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Install hangs on HP c8000 - "Turn off boot console ttyB0"

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to install Debian Lenny 5.0.4 on a HP c8000 workstation through serial console. I can boot via CD-ROM, but after some steps I see this message on console: "Turn off boot console ttyB0" (the previous messages are informational, no errors reported), and after that the installation hangs. The power led goes blinking orange, and two of the rear leds gets red. The same happens if I attach a monitor and an USB keyboard and use them instead of the serial console.

The firmware revision is the latest (2.13), and we were running HP-UX 11iV1 fine. So I don't think we have a faulty HW.

Does anybody have any clues? Is there any missing information?

Best regards,

Daniel Carmo Olops
Magneti Marelli - Hortolandia/Brazil

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