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SMP kernel

Hi Guys,
	A quick report and some thanks. I recently acquired a headless HP rp5470 and 
2 days ago I managed to netboot it and get Debian on it. Once I sorted out 
the boot server the rest of the process was rather painless. The installer 
even picked and installed the 64 bit SMP kernel. So far the software has 
performed flawlessly for 2 days (zero downtime).
	I'd like to express my thanks to the guys doing all the hppa porting work, so 
far the beast is running like a Swiss watch!!
	Can anybody suggest an "smp aware" software package that I can use to stress 
this installation a little. Last of all a numpty question, setting up a 
remote desktop is proving to be a PITA, any pointers?

Cheers, Geoff.

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