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Re: Any way to emulate hppa? Was: gforth FTBFS on hppa

2009/9/8 Peter Pentchev <roam@ringlet.net>:
> Thanks a lot for the time, all of you!  Actually, it turned out that
> the problem was not in this piece of code at all, that the configure
> script simply went down another code path and had another problem.
> The issue was that in 0.7.0, gforth's configure script got "smart enough"
> to know that it should add "-Xlinker -N" to the compiler flags, and
> "ld -N" complained loudly about not being able to find libgcc_s.so.
> Once I removed the -Xlinker -N flags, gforth built just fine, and
> passed its own test suite, and I could run a few simple tests of my own.
> I sent the RFS for the new version to the mentors list moments ago.
> Once again, thanks for all the assistance!

Thanks Peter! I'm glad to hear gforth is working!

I've taken it off the todo list.


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