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Re: Any way to emulate hppa? Was: gforth FTBFS on hppa

On Mon, Sep 07, 2009 at 06:03:55PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> Carlos O'Donell wrote:
> > I'm a debian-hppa porter, do you have a test case along with a clear
> > description of the problem?

Well, the "real" test case is fetching and trying to build
gforth-0.7.0+ds1-4 as available in sid.  I'm pretty sure I could isolate
it to a smaller test case with access to an hppa machine; see below :)

The problem is with a small program that the configure script tries to
build a couple of times with different values for a constant to check for
what values the build will succeed and for what values it will fail, so
that it do a binary search for sizeof(char *).  A bit weird, I know, but
I guess it's about par for the course for cross-compilation when you
can't just do printf("%u", sizeof(char *)) and run it :)

Unfortunately I can't get hold of the config.log from the failed build,
so I'm not quite sure what header files the program includes at that point,
but the gist of it is the following code:

(some header file inclusions are placed into conftest.$ac_ext)
cat >>conftest.$ac_ext <<_ACEOF
   typedef char * ac__type_sizeof_;
main ()
static int test_array [1 - 2 * !(((long int) (sizeof (ac__type_sizeof_))) <= $ac_mid)];
test_array [0] = 0

  return 0;

...which is built with different values for $ac_mid.

The difference between gforth-0.7.0 (where this fails) and 0.6.2
(where it was built successfully on hppa) seems to be that 0.7.0
uses a typedef to do the sizeof, whereas 0.6.2 did a straight
sizeof (char *) in the test_array definition.  If this should make
GCC fail on this code, I'd be quite surprised, but... it seems to
be just so... :>

> > There are hppa developers who can give you access to an hppa machine
> > for testing.
> > 
> > Thibaut, do you have an hppa machine for Peter to run some tests on?
> My box is also available through remote access for such purposes.

Oh, that'd be great!

> I just need a name and a public SSH key. Plus of course what environment 
> needs to be set up. And I'd like to have a rough idea when someone will 
> work on the issue as I don't have the box on 24/7.

If by "name" you mean a real name, well, that would be me, Peter Pentchev :)
If you mean a Unix username, I'd prefer "roam", but it'd be okay if you
have a local account creation policy that dictates otherwise.

Here's the public SSH key:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA0UgrqawvcB11ZsuQyhGXAPNs3V8m3dPIO76byCgg7pLYoiiejWPkzHmbdQ1aCG2JXGhKVdhTiLfixELklUOsOAWgWHc0gv0gha7B1WcoRKrN2LDtFv3eiggMSWYfcYF+NTc4eXyqh86882g7IjD7ewV0ZDiGb+p8q37uhpok9+b7h1U3LZ3QxIKJ8G/2h0gLkGnoL2H4txSuYnq5C1WeKuBUHVrpapq6cd8te8/YfQEchmcQMYmYa3xi/lU8WE+VOpFmj/qItZ4Hf2xWgGZIIriQb/e8yqrVdQpNpVXw018rdOw5q946nMYHPp2Vo0aJskJ8fmePJ5ZBdb0gOCz3hQ== roam@straylight.m.ringlet.net

As to the access times, well, that's a bit harder.  I'd most probably
be able to test stuff during the European daylight hours, something like
9am to 5pm UTC; I can't be much more specific, since it depends on
the stress in my day job, but I could just check periodically and make
use of the machine when it's up, no worries, no hurry.  My nighttime
hacking hours are quite unpredictable, so it would be best not to tie up
your graciously offered resources that way :)

For a test environment - just build-essentials, devscripts, quilt,
debhelper, autoconf, automake, autotools-dev would do for this particular
problem.  However, if it's not too much trouble, it would be perfect if
you could also set up the rest of the gforth build-deps, namely libtool,
libltdl-dev, and either libffcall1-dev or libffi-dev, so I could test
a complete gforth build before preparing a real package for upload.
But that's not really a top priority; at the moment I'm just very much
interested in this particular compiler failure.

Thanks a lot for all the quick replies, the wonderful help offers,
and just reading this far to the end of this much-too-long email! :>


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