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Any way to emulate hppa? Was: gforth FTBFS on hppa


First of all, thanks a lot for keeping Debian working on hppa!

Now, a package of mine, gforth, has been exhibiting a weird FTBFS on
the hppa architecture; it breaks in the GNU configure stage, trying to
compile a series of programs that do a binary search to determine
sizeof(char *).

Unfortunately, I do not have a hppa environment available for my
testing, so I cannot really isolate this bug, even though I have some
idea what upstream change could have caused it - and if it is indeed
what I think, then there's something very weird indeed with gcc on hppa.

As I've asked on the -mentors list a couple of days ago, is there a way
I could set up a virtual hppa machine for myself, starting from some
base sid, squeeze or even lenny environment?  Something like Aurelien
Jarno's qemu images of lenny for various architectures at
http://people.debian.org/~aurel32/qemu/ or, if not for qemu, some
other emulator?  I'm not sure I'd be quite up to the task of performing
a full Debian installation from scratch in a qemu environment in the
next couple of days :(

Once again, thanks for taking care of the hppa port!


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