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Can you work with me?

My Dear Friend,

I got your contact from Egyptian business directory through Internet search and I want to see if there is a possibility to establish a business relationship with you.

I work as agent to a company here in United kingdom and the company deals in Phones and Electronic Recycling.

For over a year now, my boss who is president of the company and myself visit Egypt every three to four months to purchase this product.

I was formally doing this business with Mr. Chen who died recently and now I don't know any other person to handle the business with and that is why I am hoping that you will accept ma proposal to do this business with me.

The business is this, I just want you to act as a middle person to buy this product from the sellers at a cheaper price and re-sell to me and my boss at a higher price and we share the profit.

The real price is $350 for one but you will re-sell to us at $720 and our profit for one is $370.

The name of the product is Omega H47 Red Solution and the seller is in China, The product is The Axiomatic system for Hyberbolic geometry axioms this solution has been a source for our recycling material company , so if you can handle this business then I will give you the phone number of the supplier in China so that you can contact him and find out if he has the product and you can buy from him at cheap
price and resell to us on arrival to your country on a higher price and we share the profit.

We are ready to fly down to your country to purchase this product as soon as you indicate your readiness to handle the business,so please if you are interested write me back and I will give you more details as soon as I hear from you.

Please decide as quickly as possible as it is almost time for us to purchase the product.

This is a very lucrative business where we can split few thousands of Dollars genuinely every three to four months and remember my boss must not know our supplier.

kindly give me your private mobile phone number so that I can call you for oral discussions and note that I do not speak or write Arabic.

Fisher Givens

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