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Re: HPPA and lenny

Christoph Martin schrieb am Freitag, dem 19. Dezember 2008:

> Lucas Nussbaum schrieb:
> > 
> > If it builds successfully, please try with the lenny kernel as well.
> The kernel build succeded after 71 hours.
> I know the the c100 is really slow. But if it can help as a buildd host
> please let me know.

3 days for a kernel is really slow.  Especially considering that the
kernel is far from being our most "expensive" package.

Thank you very much for your kind offer, but if that's the kind of
hardware we have to build our security updates on then I don't think the
security team will want to play along.

I know very little about hppa, but from what I read in this thread -
which was surprisingly helpful so far - it's the kernel that makes stuff
break on newer, faster hardware.  And if we want to provide a stable and
useful port to our users then that needs to get fixed.  Not only so that
we can build packages, but also so that users get a stable system.

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