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Re: HPPA and lenny

Christoph Martin wrote:
> Hi Peter,
> Peter Palfrader schrieb:
>> while discussing the state of our infrastructure among some members of DSA
>> and the security team we once more realized how badly hppa was doing.  First
>> concerns about this architecture were raised at least half a year ago, and it
>> doesn't appear as if we are any closer to resolving them.  It doesn't look
>> good at all.
>> We do have two autobuilders, but one of them is currently down for whatever
>> reason (and the rsys excuse for remote management is a joke):
>> | [17208343.620000] awk (pid 1061): Protection id trap (code 27) at 00000000400b4763
>> | [17208343.712000] Backtrace:
>> | [17208343.740000]
>> (that's the complete output.)

Does the kernel has this patch included:

>> This may or may not be related to the issue where everytime something
>> even remotely related to ruby gets close to the system they lock up.
>> At least the (random) crashing issue has to be fixed if hppa wants
>> to release with lenny.

Sure. I assume the patch above should help a lot.


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