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Re: hppa in lenny? (Was: Freeze exceptions related to libdb-ruby)

On 16/08/08 at 21:09 +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> Otoh, it's really commendable, and I mean it, that you decided to spend
> your time towards having it fixed, rather than just kill ruby1.9 on hppa
> as I suggested (which is, tbh, what I would've done in your position).
> It really sucks that no hppa person is available to help, but my opinion
> is that's still more valuable to release with hppa without ruby1.9 there,
> than to drop hppa completely.
> So, what I would like from a release POV is to wait at most for this
> glibc -14 upload with context-fu on hppa that somebody somewhere said
> could fix the issue, and if it persists, to kill ruby1.9 on hppa so that
> we get that part of the archive on a releseable state.

I also investigated the other possibility (killing ruby1.9 on hppa), but
it's not easy, since ruby1.9 is a build-dependency for many packages.
Some of them are Ruby libs and could simply be NFUed as well, but others
are more annoying.

Sources packages affected:
ruby1.9 # NFU
libcairo-ruby # NFU
ruby-gnome2 # NFU (dep on libcairo-ruby)
libdb-ruby # NFU
libexif-ruby # NFU
libfcgi-ruby # NFU
libgpgme-ruby # NFU
libhpricot-ruby # NFU
libinotify-ruby # NFU
mapserver # NMU to remove ruby1.9 package?
ncurses-ruby # NFU
rrdtool # NMU to remove ruby1.9 package?
stfl # NMU to remove ruby1.9 package?

The list was generated manually. It might make sense to process those
packages, and then play with edos-(build)?debcheck to pick up the other

I won't have time to work on that.
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