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Re: hppa hand-build for libdb-ruby

Michael Schutte wrote:
Could someone reading this list please provide hand-built binary
packages for libdb-ruby from unstable?  They are necessary to get a
planned transition rolling [1] but cannot be produced by the buildds
because of the current ruby1.9 situation.  Adeodato has already given
his approval regarding manually built .debs.

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2008/08/msg00401.html

Thanks in advance,

Hi Michael,

does this help?

Build-logs of ruby19 and libdb-ruby are:
- http://gsyprf10.external.hp.com/~deller/ruby/ruby19.log
- http://gsyprf10.external.hp.com/~deller/ruby/libdb-ruby.log

I manually built ruby19 and libdb-ruby, but ruby is in bad shape on hppa. Problem is, that ruby uses pthread functions for it's threading implementation and since hppa is still using it's broken linuxthreads implementation for that, many thread-related ruby functions are broken. I think there is not much to fix for ruby, until hppa switches at some point to the newer NPTL implementation...


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