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Re: hppa release status

Hi Frans,

Frans Pop wrote:
Helge Deller wrote:
Back to the general discussion:
Personally I would love to see a stable debian release of hppa at some
point. I don't care if it's lenny or a later version, but at least that
we get there at some point.

Hmmm. What definition of "stable release" are you using here?

The hppa port has been included in Debian stable releases since Woody, i.e. since July 2002; Lenny would be the 4th Debian release to include it. This discussion is about _keeping_ hppa at that status, not about getting there.

Yes, sure. My wording was probably misleading.
What I meant is, that it would be nice if we would have stable hppa lenny release in time. If that's not possible due to important bugs, it would be nice to get there either with a respin of lenny (is this possible?), or with the successor of lenny again.


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